Regional Site Visit in Salzburg, Austria
25th - 26th of May 2009

The exchange of experience of the Austrian and German Concerto cities was organized in one of the Concerto II cities. The participants visited some interesting Concerto projects in passive house standard and the conversion of the old stadium into dwellings.
Meeting of the General Assembly in Falkenberg, Sweden
6th - 8th of May 2009

The emphasis of the meeting was put on presenting highlights and innovative projects in the participating cities as well as first monitoring results - see "Download" . The meeting was combined with a workshop about "Energy Efficiency in Existing Buildings".
Exchange of energy agencies in Modra, Hostetin, Czech Republic
24th - 25th of March 2009

Energy agencies and other organizations involved in energy management and consultancies participated in the meeting. Intensive discussions took place concerning personal, technical and economic requirements. The meeting took place in Modra and Hostetin both well known for their ecological projects.
Meeting of the Steering Committee in Gornji Grad, Slovenia
11th - 12th of November 2008

The 3rd meeting of the Steering Committe took place in the observer community Gornji Grad. Ways of monitoring and dissemination actions were discussed. A press conference was organized in order to show interesting projects within Energy in Minds and inform the Slovenian public about the importance of EU projects.
Project coordinator meeting in Brussels, Belgium
13th of October 2008

Concerto Plus organized a meeting for the coordinators of all Concerto I and II projects in order to exchange experiences. The opportunity was given to discuss individual matters directly with the project officers of the Commission.
Exchange of the utilities in Weiz Gleisdorf, Austria
2nd - 4th of September 2008

Interesting projects were presented by all cities concerning district heating systems, PV systems and new technologies. The meeting was combined with the "Gleisdorf Solar". A site visit to innovative projects was organized.
Meeting of the General Assembly in Zlin, Czech Republic
22nd - 24th of April 2008

Interesting presentations were held by all partners showing the progress and activities during the last year – see „Download“. A lot of experiences were exchanged during the discussions and the site visit where current projects of Zlin were shown to the other partners. On the last day a seminar about the “Influence of the consumer behaviour on the energy consumption in standard and low-energy houses and flats” was organized for the public.
Exchange of the utilities/civil staff in Torino, Italy
13th - 14th of March 2008

The „District heating systems“ in the Province of Torino were presented and the large CHP plant of Montcalieri (260 MWth/390 Mwel) was visited. In order to show the results of Energy in Minds and Polycity to the public, a conference was held. Another highlight was the presentation of the Energy Action Plan worked out by the new observer partner “Comunità Montana Val Pellice”.
Meeting of the Steering Committee in Falkenberg, Sweden
15th - 16th of October 2007

Future and past activities were discussed as well as ways of monitoring and dissemination actions. The meeting was combined with a workshop about the „retrofit of schools“. Best practice examples were shown during a site visit.
Meeting of the „General Assembly“ Weiz-Gleisdorf, Austria
22nd - 25th of April 2007

During this meeting the part about contractual and financial matters was reduced to a minimum in order to have more time for discussions and the exchange of experience between the different partners. On the last day an international conference about plant oil technologies “Production and use of plant oil in Europe was held.
Meeting of the Steering Committee in Stuttgart, Germany
19th - 20th of October 2006

At the first meeting of the Steering Committee consisting of 1 to 2 representatives of each city general proceedings and ways of a closer cooperation between the cities were discussed. A residential area with passive houses supplied by a large solar thermal system was visited.
Exchange of the civil servants in Gleisdorf, Austria
6th - 9th of September 2006

Politicians and representatives of the participating municipalities came together to discuss „political intervention to advance the use of renewable energies and to augment the energy efficiency“. The meeting was combined with the international conference „Gleisdorf Solar 2006“ and a visit of the first projects realized within Energy in Minds.
Concerto Opening in Brussels, Belgium
3rd - 5th of July 2006

Over 100 representatives from 22 nations belonging to 1 of the 9 Concerto projects and representatives of the EC came together in order to discuss common strategies in saving energy, ways of cooperation and communication at all levels.
Meeting of the „General Assembly“ in Falkenberg, Sweden
19th - 21st of April 2006

During the meeting of the „General Assembly“ all partners informed about the progress in their cities. Good and bad experiences were discussed. A windpower meeting was held on the 3rd day which was combined with a visit to the windpower plants.
Exchange of the utilities in Zlin, Czech Republic
9th - 11th of March 2006

The staff of the utilities of every partner city met in Zlin in order to exchange experiences and discuss the subject "optimization of district heating".The exchange included a visit to the central heating station, tho the first Energy Day in Zlin and the exhibition "solartherm 2006".
Visit to Zlin, Czech Republic
18th – 20th of October 2005

The coordinators went to visit the participants in Zlin to get an overview of the status quo of the projects. It was combined with a press conference, interviews for the radio and TV and a meeting with the mayor.
"Project meeting" in Weiz, Austria
14th/15th of October 2005

The meeting of the energy agencies was combined with the first Energy Day in Weiz-Gleisdorf realized within Energy in Minds! and the international conference and exhibition “Ecological Building Retrofit”.
"Kick off meeting" in Neckarsulm, Germany
2nd/3rd of June 2005

22 partners from 6 different countries participated at the meeting in Neckarsulm. The meeting was combined with a study visit to the solar heating plant with the seasonal storage in Neckarsulm Amorbach and the biomass co-generation plant Trendpark.