Concerto is a major new European Union initiative which supports local
communities in developing concrete initiatives aiming to minimise en-
ergy consumption and to improve the quality of citizens’ lives. Local in-
itiatives in Concerto communities contribute to the global goals to fight
climate change as well as to improve the security of energy supplies.

Energy in Minds
Energy in Minds is one of 9 EU-projects funded by the European Com-
mission within the program “Concerto”. This project has started in May
2005 and will be realized in 6 European cities during a period of 5 years
under the coordination of the Steinbeis-Transferzentrum Energie-,
Gebäude- und Solartechnik
in Stuttgart.

An project overview and some highlights are shown in the following.
- Brochure "The energy efficient city"
- Poster "Project overview"